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Geriatric orthopaedic is an upcoming special sub division of orthopaedics where in we deal with orthopaedic related problems in old age population.

Citizen in this age group needs special consideration as their problem and bone morphology is different from adults.

Most common condition that we face in this age group is fracture around hip and wrist . they are special in their own way and considered pathological fracture due to osteoporosis of bone . Bones are weak and fragile and needs to be handled with care and consideration and special knowledge.

Our team of experts take special care for that and to their condition and we provide best treatment protocol to the patients that suits their demand and need . Our moto for these patient is to make them mobile and independent as soon as possible, so that they can join their gang of friends.

We love seeing them walking, smiling and enjoying their life to full.

Also we run a geriatric training programme where we try to help them with preventive measures and teach them and train them with these proprioception functions and life style modification, living place changes etc, so that they do not have these fractures due to trivial fall.


We care of our elders as they are roots of our success.

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