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Joint care at our centre is taken in broad way. we do not talk of replacement only, rather replacement comes as last option . Our joint care clinic starts with knowing your joints , there status and maintain that for as long as possible. As a goal , we try to preserve the native joint for an long an possible. we educate our patient with Joint care, how they can take care of their joints with regular exercise and life style modification. most of the patient who come to us are stage I and II arthritis, where we try to manage them with surgery other than replacement


Not much has been talked about this but our expert say, that when done in right patient right time , these procedure can keep our life .And the beauty with these procedures is that we can use our joint as before like can squat , sit cross leg etc. Now HTO /(high tibial osteotomy) is one of the established joint Procedure in joint preservation.

Let us understand What is done in HTO . with time there is in bowing of joints leading to eccentric loading of joint , causing pain. In HTO ,we make a small cut in lower bone (osteotomy) and realign it with the main axis . This causes even distribution of forces in joint and thus pain relief.

Other surgery is DPFO which is indicated is patient having knee pain with near normal joint alignment.


It is now a standard procedure worldwide and with 10 year survival rates of 98.2% . We have team of Doctors, specially trained in replacement surgery.

Our Centre have state of the art operation theatre, with surgical suits to perform replacement surgery.

We have many successful patients who are enjoying their life after replacement surgery. Our team have pain care physician, Physiotherapist, Surgeon, dietician and all of them make sure that the most important part of post operation time is made as comfortable as possible. we want and we see that our patient walk out them self form hospital happily.

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