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Baseline Ultrasound

Baseline Ultrasound

When is a baseline ultrasound performed?
A baseline ultrasound is performed before we start our patients on any stimulation injections or hormone medications. It is important that this ultrasound provides us with a true glimpse of the health and state of the ovaries and pelvic organs before fertility treatment begins.

This baseline will then allow us to compare ultrasounds that are performed throughout the IVF process to this initial exam. Although the exact day that a baseline ultrasound is performed may vary slightly for each patient, it is generally scheduled right around the time that the patient’s period is expected, or around day one or two of the menstrual cycle.

What is the baseline ultrasound looking for?
A baseline ultrasound allows us to evaluate the ovaries and pelvic organs to determine if it is an appropriate time to begin ovarian stimulation, which is the first phase of IVF treatment. A baseline ultrasound may also be performed prior to a frozen embryo transfer.

When our doctors observe the results of the baseline ultrasound, they will be looking at several key criteria, including the following:

The orientation of the uterus
The thickness of the uterus lining
The measurement of any follicles
Whether there are cysts or fibroids present
Measurement of serum estradiol levels

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